Friday, December 09, 2005

Long Time NO Blog...

It's been a while since my last post! My Secret Pal has actually written me wondering if I've fallen off the face of the earth! I assure you that even though I'm a full-time Stay-At-Home (yeah, right) Mom, I'm busier than ever.

But first - check THIS out! This is the second package from my Secret Pal.

This AWESOME gal sent this to me to "tide me over" until the last package. WOWZA! TWO, yes TWO balls of Rowan Tweed. Yes, I said ROWAN TWEED! Okay, let me tell you now that I have NEVER set foot inside a real yarn store. NEVER. I know - shoot me now. So the only luxury yarn I've gotten has been after hearing my fellow knitters RAVE about it and I ordered it online. I was SO excited to get this yarn, though. It is absolutely YUMMY and can't wait to make it into something for MYSELF! :)

She also sent bath stuff (yummy chamomile scent) that I have been enjoying. When I get out of the tub my daughter tells me that I smell like her student teacher! :) I don't care WHO I smell like - it's the luxurious feeling of being spa pampered and scent of relaxation to me! LOL!

Then this afternoon, I went furniture shopping with my kiddos. Yes, my darling husband is getting me a new living room suite for Christmas - complete with end tables, coffee table, lamp, couch, loveseat and chair.

Hmm...I must have been extra good this year! ;)

Well, when I got home, I found THIS on my porch!

Yes, within a week's time I got two, yes TWO packages from my Secret Pal. I had to post this so that she could see that I got it because in her note she said she would REVEAL her identity to me when I got the final package! I can't believe everything that she included...

1. Candy (that she said I could share IF I felt like it) - too bad my kids were right there at the kitchen table when I poured out the box. LOL! They have already put dibs on their favorites. Would it be THAT bad if mommy hid it from them? Hmm...
2. Purseonalities BOOK! WOOHOO! And I have to tell you, SP - this came at the PERFECT TIME! I made some purses for my sister-in-laws a while back. They have been carrying them and yesterday I got an order for SIX purses before Christmas! I can't wait to try some new designs from this book!
3. TWO, yes again, TWO skeins of Noro KUREYON! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! I'm so excited! The colorway is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to use this stuff up for MYSELF. Maybe a new purse from the book! :)
4. Sticky notes with the heading, "Don't Forget". Can I tell you HOW much I needed these? Maybe I should stick one to my monitor that says, "Don't Forget to BLOG every once in a while!"
5. Mistletoe Magic Lip Balm for "Kissable Lips"! WOOHOO! I'll have to give this a try tonight and see how kissable they are after my hubby hears how much the new furniture is...LOL!

Okay, so I've blogged AND I've bragged about my Secret Pal. So...who are you? :)


  • Here I am! I hope you've enjoyed the surprises as much as I have loved spoiling you these past three months. I can't wait to see what you decide to make next! Stay warm...

    By Blogger CynCyn, at 1:29 AM  

  • where are you? it has been 3 mons since you posted....

    By Blogger Heatherly, at 8:11 PM  

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