Thursday, October 20, 2005

Susan Needs...

I've been seeing this on all sorts of blogs and every one of them just cracks me up. So, of course, I had to jump on the bandwagon.

You google "{insert your name here} needs" and post a few of the funniest ones. I know you want to know my top 10.

1. Susan needs a set of t-shirts graced with silly cliches. (Wonder if this would count for office wear?)
2. Susan needs to understand that she needs to be building up her language production. (Um...I was a speech and journalism major in college - do I really need to build my language production?!?!)
3. Susan needs to ask herself this, "Is my goal realistic?" (Hmm...)
4. Susan needs to succeed in the face of and despite this madness.
5. Susan needs help. (Sheesh - that's a nice one!)
6. Susan needs $57602 from her retirement savings. (Okay, if I even HAD that much in retirement savings! LOL!)
7. Susan needs to wear a bra. (See previous post - this is one of the funniest ones!)
8. Susan needs to get over it. (I'll see what I can do!)
9. Susan needs to slow down to increase her quality of eye hand foot control. (Did my hubby write this one? He seems to think I'm the clumsiest person he knows!)
10. Susan needs to work on writing better songs. (Perhaps I missed my calling?)

And I couldn't resist adding these:
11. Susan needs all your love and money. (Though not necessarily in that order!)
12. Susan needs to quit injuring people.
13. Susan needs to leave early to collect her daughter from school.
14. Susan needs to take penicillin for the rest of her life. (Silly me - I thought I was ALLERGIC!)
15. Susan needs to get off this "enabler" kick.
16. Susan needs to get laid! (Okay, now I KNOW my husband is writing these! LOL!)


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