Saturday, October 01, 2005

Beautiful Day was a great day! I got up early to go yard sale-ing with a friend of mine. My kids stayed home with their uncle - I could shop child-free! I got my son a ton of play clothes. Since he goes out and works on the farm with his dad all the time, we needed some things he could get down and dirty in!

Then my daughter and I had a Girl Scout activity at the pumpkin patch. I wanted to share some of the sights I saw today.

First is a shot of the lake we live near. It is the largest man-made lake in Illinois. That white dot is a sailboat - it was just gorgeous, but since I was driving while taking the photo, it's not the best shot.

Next is a photo of the pumpkin patch. I am working on a scrapbook for the brownie troop, so this is a great shot that will be included.

This is a picture of me and my daughter at the patch today. It was so fun. All together there were over 100 girls there today. Our group had six girls and each had a parent. We went through a corn maze that was 3 miles long. I have to tell you - it was pretty scary in that thing! I didn't know it would be so tough to find all the points. There were 10 stations throughout the maze and we had to each stamp our papers with the numbers at the station. When you were done if you got all 10 stamps you got a button that says, "I completed the 2005 Corn Maze!" We also roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. Also got a few pumpkins for the front porch decorations. :)

Finally, my daughter was invited to a friend's house for the night. While I was taking her out there, this is what we saw. I think this is a planet. It was the only thing in the sky and looked so pretty against the sunset.

Okay - just wanted to share with you some gorgeous sites of Illinois! Anybody else ready for fall?


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