Thursday, September 15, 2005

SP6 Assignments...

...have been sent out! I have just checked out my assignment's blog and it looks like it will be a fabulous round! Of course, I have nothing to compare it to since this is my "first" round - LOL! I just hope my pal is looking forward to a few months of spoiling since I don't have any friends that knit and nobody else to share my knitting triumphs and trials with! :) I'm so excited!

It's been a fabulous birthday week. On Monday (my birthday) my boss actually sang to me. Okay - let me preface that statement by saying that my boss is about 6'2" tall and around 300 pounds. He's got a reputation around town for being a hard-a*@ and it's true. So to hear not one, but TWO choruses of "Happy Birthday" was something else!

Saturday night my two sister-in-laws took me out to eat and to a show. We had a GREAT time without our hubbys and kids and flirting with the waiter was SO FUN! Dinner and drinks were YUMMY and the show was SCARY! We saw the Exorcism of Emily Rose. Now, I LOVE scary movies - and have all my life. But the fact that this one was based on a true story, made it THAT MUCH scarier. I totally believe in spiritual warfare and

SIDE NOTE...As I was typing this post, the computer went BLANK and FROZE. Creeped me out a bit.

As I was saying...I totally believe in spiritual warfare and think that there are true cases of posessions in the world. So as I was driving home ALONE after dropping off both sister-in-laws and completely freaked out from the movie (and the discussion on the way home), the CHECK ENGINE light comes on. Okay, we've had this Cherokee for over 5 years and have NEVER had a problem. It's now 1 am and my DH is asleep. Do I turn the Jeep off - it may not start again? Do I turn around and go back to SIL's house - I'm closer to her than home at this point. Do I attempt going home on the highway - what if I don't make it (AND IT'S 1 AM WITH DH ASLEEP!)

So I decide to brave it on the highway and call SIL. I know she's still up - I just dropped her off! Okay, so we are talking and the Jeep is acting REALLY funny. Shifting funny, sounds not-so-good and then THE BRAKE LIGHTS STOP WORKING! So I'm driving in the middle of the night with no brake lights, the check engine light on and I just watched a totally creepy movie!

Long story short - I made it home, the Check Engine light is still on and the mechanic can't tell us what's wrong with the Jeep. Seems we may have to get rid of it - HMM...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SUSIE! LOL!


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