Monday, September 19, 2005

Knit Picks ROCKS!

Okay, I just finished typing my last post when I got an email from KnitPicks. Your order has shipped! Here is a list of some of the yummy's I'm getting. I can't post the WHOLE thing since my SP6 may be here lurking...
1 Grass Wool of the Andes to make leaves on some felted accent flowers
10 Mulled Wine Wool of the Andes for the Kepler Sweater - WOOHOO!!!
3 Chestnut Wool of the Andes for the Irish Hiker scarf - I taught myself cables last week
1 [Bamboo DP Ndls 7in Sz 3 so I can (maybe, if I work up the nerve) start some socks

Now to go waste another 30 minutes before time to go home. Good news is that DH has two, yes TWO softball games tonight. There's a very nice play area and my kids will be happy with all the other kiddies playing around (so long as sore BUTT doesn't interfere) and I can knit away on my new Pivocoli! I'll try and take some photos tonight. :)

Have a great one!


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