Monday, September 19, 2005

Ahhh...almost time to go!

I've been working steadily since I got here this morning. Time to take a break and blog a little.

This weekend was FULL of all sorts of fun stuff...
Friday: Went home from work, got dressed up and a friend of mine went to an all you can eat SEAFOOD buffet for my birthday. We ate and ordered a bottle of wine. Good friend, good food, good wine. Perfect!
Saturday: My DH and kids let me sleep in until 10 am! Then I got up and spent most of the morning/afternoon cleaning the house. My brother-in-law has been staying with us for a while and he has his daughter several nights a week. Needless to say, it's been a while since my house has been baby-proof. So, we put ALL the knitting needles out of reach, dusted, cleaned and washed all the laundry.

Saturday evening my daughter had her very first invitation to a birthday/slumber party. She's spent plenty of nights away from home and had overnights with her friends, but this was the first REAL slumber party. I was a nervous wreck. But we took her to the party (three doors down from our house) and then my DH and son decided to go squirrel hunting. They got all dressed up in their camo and I asked if I could go. My darling son told me that "Girls can't go hunting because they talk too much!" So what was I to do ALL night by myself? Hmm...I could stay home and knit, but was in a socializing mood, so I called my friend (see Friday night above) and she was hanging out getting ready for her great aunt's 100th birthday party on Sunday. I went to her house and we made eight floral arrangements for the tables. We made a giant chocolate birthday cake and got to eat the first one that didn't turn out "perfectly". YUMMY! Then she pulled my hair through a cap and we put some highlights in. Went home at dark and got the squirrel report from DH and DS. Went to bed (with the phone right next to it - just in case DD needed to come home - you know - if she missed me!)

Sunday: Got up, showered, picked up DD from slumber party. She's walking funny. Asked what happened and she told me she did a BUTT BUSTER. I asked for clarification on that term and she told me she jumped off the couch into a sitting position with feet straight out onto a mattress on a hard wood floor. I proceeded to tell her that a mattress on a hard wood floor hardly offers enough support for a bony six-year-old butt. So, long story short, we think she has severely bruised her tailbone. Went to church (hearing about sore butt the whole time). Came home, made sandwiches and took a nap with DD. We woke up and spent the rest of the afternoon at DH's grandma's house. I started a new Tivoli (which is now called a Picovoli) in Knit Picks SHINE. It's about 3 inches in and I'm loving this yarn!

I also placed a big order this weekend for the yarn for the Kepler sweater. I ordered it from Knit Picks. I really think they are my absolute FAVORITE place to get yarn. I also added some fun stuff for my SP6 in with my order. You know, I HAD to get the order over $30 for free shipping! :) Hope she likes the stuff that's coming for her. I also made a little something for her that will go out soon. I'm so loving getting to spoil someone I don't even know. VERY COOL.


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